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An ilume Park pooch resident stops for a drink in the splash lagoon.

An ilume Park pooch resident stops for a drink in the splash lagoon.

Dallas is stepping it up when it comes to dog friendliness.

Dog is the new kid for many people and much like people’s attachment to their kids they feel the same about their dogs. The more places they can take their dog, the happier the owner and the happier the dog. Dallas offers dog parks, dog-friendly patios, dog-friendly hotels and dog-friendly residential and commercial buildings all doing what they can to please their patrons and attract new money.

Dog parks such as the one at White Rock Lake are building new and better attractions to please our dog-loving city. The White Rock Dog Park at Mockingbird Point’s renovation is estimated to cost between $1 million and $1.5 million.  Residents of the city wait eagerly for the amazing renovations to be trampled by their four-legged children when the park reopens mid 2015.

Restaurateurs such as Jim and Cindy Hughes of famed Bread Winners and the new Henry’s Majestic know the importance of letting dogs cast their shadows on the patios of their restaurants.

I’ve been using Bread Winners for quite some time as a place to take my students so they can flex their newly trained obedience muscles as they down and stay through my dessert. I look forward to doing the same at Henry’s Majestic this spring.

Walter gets some socialization on the patio at Henry’s Majestic.

Walter gets some socialization on the patio at Henry’s Majestic.

The hotels that allow my pooch are the ones who win my business when I travel. The W is perhaps one of the dog-friendliest hotels in the city with its concierge service and dog treats. The W has created P.A.W. (pets are welcome) for its guests. Doggie visitors are greeted with a toy, treat, hotel tags and poop bags. When they get to their room they find a pet bed, water and food bowls and mat, as well as a turndown treat and a pet-in-room door sign. In addition to all this, they provide the pet parent with resources for specialty pet stores and concierge can arrange for services such as grooming and walking.

Residential buildings have had to acquiesce over the years as more of our child-free residents don’t want to live without a dog. With residential buildings such as ilume Park, they don’t have to consider the alternative.  ilume Park rises above the rest by offering canine-friendly perks such as enclosed walking trails that wind through a 700-foot private dog walk and park that has two off-leash play areas and a bone-shaped splash lagoon created exclusively for dogs. ilume Park also offers a professional dog wash/groom studio and an exclusive dog lounge. ilume Park might be the most canine-accommodating residential building I’ve seen in Dallas.

Commercial buildings are following the lead of residential buildings. Grant Guidry, an employee at Dallas digital marketing agency MEplusYOU, is not only allowed but encouraged to bring his dog to work. At his office, you’ll find a fenced area where the dogs can take a recess or potty break, treats at the receptionist desk and an all-access pass for the pooches. No conference room is off-limits to these fur babies. Being able to bring his Beagle, Isabella, to work makes Grant a happy employee as he doesn’t have to worry about drop-offs and pickups at day care or the fees attached. With his dog at work, he is comfortable that he is in charge of her health and safety.

Dallas might have a ways to go to rival some cities such as Austin, San Diego and Portland for dog-friendliness, but we are catching up quickly. I hope to see more concessions made for dogs in our great city as time goes on because nothing makes a resident or visitor enjoy their time in a city more than having their beloved dog with them as much as possible.