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Information regarding scheduling:

  • Appointments are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. One hour is reserved for each appointment.
  • The online scheduler provides the client with the convenience of scheduling their appointments at any time without having to telephone the office or wait for a response via text. It is requested that all scheduling, rescheduling and cancellations be done through the online scheduler.
  • When scheduling, please keep in mind that Ms. Strough is typically booked two weeks in advance.
  • As a final reminder of your appointment, Ms. Strough will text a confirmation one business day prior. However, she asks that if you should find yourself needing to cancel your appointment, please do not wait for the text confirmation to notify her of your cancellation. She asks that you cancel through the online scheduler to free the space for another client.
  • Canines First does not maintain a wait list. If you would like an appointment sooner than what is shown as available, consider scheduling the first available appointment that is convenient to you and then check back periodically in search of an earlier availability, as we occasionally receive last-minute cancellations.

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For inquiries not pertaining to scheduling:

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Susan has always stressed the importance of a healthy canine diet. She is a proponent of raw feeding. In November 2013 Susan helped to found RAW by Canines First in Inwood Village, a holistic dog supply store focused on natural products that improve the lives of our canine friends.