How It Works


Ms. Strough visits her Dallas clients living south of Lyndon B Johnson Freeway in their homes for in-person lessons. For those living outside of her travel zone, arrangements can be made to visit Ms. Strough at a Dallas location. For anyone unable to meet with her in person, remote appointments are available via telephone, FaceTime or Skype.

She works with pet dogs living indoors and the issues surrounding their owner’s lifestyle. She teaches the basic commands of sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave it, crate/bed in addition to helping owners tackle problems dealing with housebreaking, jumping, counter surfing and many other common problems as well as helping to solve problems with aggression in its many forms. Commands are taught with positive reinforcement. Blatant disobedience to learned commands is reduced through various methods of correction appropriate to the scenario.

Ms. Strough provides private lessons for owner and dog or just the dog. These lessons typically take place in and around the owner’s home but can take place anywhere within the city that is pertinent to the dog and owner’s lifestyle. For example, lessons might take place at a park, restaurant patio or a walking trail.

She customizes all training plans with the owner based on budget, goals, weather constraints and need for expediency.

The client is needed on hand at least for the first lesson at which time a small amount of administrative work will be completed and an ample amount of conversation will be had to aid in understanding the situation.

Susan’s greatest joy is teaching people how to live in harmony with their pets.

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Phone: (214) 760-8677

Located in Dallas, Texas

Susan is working with Augustus, Stacey Minshall’s French Bulldog, to teach Stacey how to train Augustus.

Susan is working to train Phoebe for her owner.


Susan has always stressed the importance of a healthy canine diet. She is a proponent of raw feeding. In November 2013 Susan helped to found RAW by Canines First in Inwood Village, a holistic dog supply store focused on natural products that improve the lives of our canine friends.